Wednesday, April 15, 2015

River Crossings • 28 Contemporary Artists at Olana and Thomas Cole House • May 2015

All Images/Photos ©Beth Schneck Photography / All Rights Reserved

The first photo in the slideshow is ©Beth Schneck PhotographyRiver Crossings
Go to this event at Olana ~ through November 1!

These photos were taken as a part of the first Groundswell event which was a collaborative experience between WGXC and Olana State Historic Site.  See August, September and October 2013 in the sidebar for many photos of Olana and the event.

• Know This • This photo (along with many others from this same vantage point) was taken while standing on the Crow's Nest, on the very top of the house at Olana State Historical Site.  It was a  stunning experience in so many ways.  As for the weather, every day for 30 days on either side were hot and hazy.  This day was sunny, blue skies, and fluffy puffy clouds.  I actually created a 360 panoramic photograph of the view that July morning, the 360 panoramic photograph was chosen as a finalist for ArtBridge: Kingston 2014 • click here to see: