Thursday, May 1, 2014

In Publications : Chronogram & Albany Times Union • Beth Schneck's Photographs of the Balloons in Catskill • Jason Hackenwerth's AVIARY REIMAGINED •

Check out page 12 in the May issue of Chronogram magazine • Beth Schneck Photography has a full page photo in Chronogram of the Catskill Balloons (Jason Hackenwerth's Aviary Reimagined).  Congratulations, and thank you, to Duke Dang, Fawn Potash, Master's on Main Street, the Bridge Street Theatre,, Greene County Council on the Arts, and all the other people involved, for organizing such a cool exhibit, and so many fun events in Catskill.

My Catskill Balloon Selfie, taken at the Bridge Street Theatre, was in the Albany Times Union on Wednesday, April 30th… fun!

Be sure to check out the rest of the balloon photos at this link:  

Here are two shots from that post:

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